A Message from Our Founder

To work and be surrounded by animals that most people only see in a zoo is a true blessing. I started working with exotics 19 years ago.  My passion for exotics began when I worked with the Florida Panther Survival Project, also known as Wildside Encounters.  
Since 1986, thousands of exotics have been rescued and whenever possible, released back into their natural habitat. However, some animals cannot be reintroduced; therefore, they find a permanent home at Wildside Encounters to live out the remainder of their lives. Through volunteers and donations from people just like you, these animals can enjoy a better life. 
I was given the opportunity to raise Nakiia, from a sick cub to the magnificent animal he is today. Along the way, I have utilized every chance given to educate others about the plight of the Florida Panther and wildlife conservation. Nakiia's path has been filled with many tears of both sadness and joy. My goal is to bring more joy to other animals in need.
- Jan Hall


Our Team

Founder & President
Jan Hall
Sanford, Fl.

Rescue Coordinator
Char Cochenet
Leesburg, Fl.
Vice President
Kathey Shaw
Summerfield, Fl